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Testifying in a Marijuana Impaired Driving Case 

With the legalization of cannabis happening across the nation, officers will more frequently come into contact with drivers under the influence of marijuana. But once the arrest is complete, the case is not over. We still need to be able to prove impairment beyond a reasonable doubt in the courtroom. This course will review the basics of testifying in an impaired driving case and will include in-depth discussions on courtroom testimony in marijuana-impaired cases. The class will include tips on report writing and preparation for testifying. The course will also cover how to effectively present a case on direct examination and how to deal with cross-examination questions unique to marijuana-impaired driving cases.

"Testifying in a Marijuana Impaired Driving Case" is instructed by an active Traffic Safety Prosecutor for the State of Missouri.  This is a 3-hour presentation and is POST-approved in the state of Missouri for 3 hrs of Legal Studies.

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