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Technology: Building a Criminal Case

The digital age has far outpaced a road officer’s ability to conduct criminal investigations. Crimes can now be committed in the digital world, without leaving a trace of physical evidence. This new era of criminal behavior requires additional training and understanding by law enforcement.


Technology: Building A Criminal Case, meets this need. This course is presented by a state investigator who is trained and experienced in obtaining, preserving, and using digital evidence in criminal cases. 


This course reviews:

· Applicable laws and court decisions on gathering digital evidence
· How to seize different types of digital evidence
· Identify methods of preserving digital evidence
· The importance of IMEI numbers, what they can tell you and how they can help you
· Characteristics of an IP address, how to use it, and how to identify it for a criminal investigation
· How to locate a company’s legal service and how to serve a company’s legal process
· Familiarizing and creating a Facebook, Snap Chat, and Google law enforcement account
· What a preservation request is, how to create one, when to create one and how they can assist
· How to complete the process for a Google Reverse Geolocation and what it is 




This course is Missouri POST approved for 2 hours of legal studies
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