This purchase will provide Understanding Missouri Medical Marijuana online training to 5 Missouri law enforcement officers in your area. This training is approximately 1 hour and will educate law enforcement officers on the rules and the regulations of Missouri Medical Marijuana. Topics covered include how much each patient may purchase and possess, how cannabis can be used, identifying Missouri Medical Marijuana qualified patient, primary caregiver and cultivator cards and the rights and privileges for each and more! Help us educate our officers so they can better protect your rights!


You can write a personal message to officers, which we will display on our social media sites!  We will also send your message to the officers who take the training you sponsored!


This purchase also comes with an Extract-ED flat bill trucker hat, by BrandedBills.  Don't forget to pick out your style!


We will provide each purchaser with 5 high gloss 4x4 stickers showing you are a supporter of working together, to create a better community!

Understanding Missouri Medical Marijuana Online (5 officers)

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