Extract-ED is based in Missouri, which legalized medical marijuana in December, 2018. Currently, we have trained over 3,000 officers, in five states, on legal marijuana and other drugs. Our goal is educate law enforcement on the rules and regulations, expectations and realities of a medical marijuana program in your state. This information is presented from a law enforcement perspective and focuses on the the rights and privilege's of legal marijuana users.


Additionally, we address:

  • What law enforcement should be doing to prepare for the Medical Marijuana Program.

  • Interacting with legal cannabis users.

  • What Missouri did right and what we would change

  • Vehicle searches (A review of current cases throughout the country)

  • Considerations when contacting a patient who is violating the rules (seizing marijuana)

  • Understanding marijuana (i.e. plant types, how they're grown, concentrates and how they're made and used, toxicology of delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and it's metabolites)

  • Recognizing THC intoxication (It does not all look the same)


The training is presented by a current state law enforcement officer who is an expert in legal marijuana, drug training and is responsible for answering all Missouri law enforcement inquiries on legal marijuana. Typically, this training meets the Peace Officer Standardized Training requirements.

Understanding Legal Marijuana (Outside of Missouri)

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