DUI drug intoxication cases can be difficult for new or experienced prosecutors. Officers use standardized field sobriety tests and sometimes non-standardized tests when gathering evidence. This training is intended to cover all areas of a DUI drugs case and make prosecutors more comfortable, building confidence in a courtroom setting.


This training consists of 15 separate training videos.  The following training is included with this package.


Drug Categories for Prosecutors- Drug impairment is similar, yet different than alcohol impairment.  In a courtroom, there seems to be more challenges with drug impaired individuals.  This presentation is designed to educate prosecutors on signs and symptoms persons may exhibit when under the influence of drugs.  It bridges the gap between what law enforcement officers may observe and write in their reports and the understanding of those observations by prosecutors.  Each of the seven DRE drug categories are covered in separate, short videos, designed for a quick explanation of each drug category. (approximately 7-10 minutes each)


Using SFSTs to Detect Drug Impaired Drivers-An increase in drug use has led to an increase in officers contacting people driving a vehicle while high.  Standardized Field Sobriety Tests are tests designed for officers to detect impairment.  Originally, the tests were validated using people who were intoxicated on alcohol.  This presentation discusses ways to overcome these challenges in court and reviews scientific research studies, which have tested the sensitivity of field sobriety tests on drug impaired drivers.  (approximately 50 minutes)


HGN 360-This course gives in depth training on the Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus Test.  It includes other possible types of nystagmus, a review of studies which validate the Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus Test in various positions and medical conditions which may cause nystagmus.  (approximately 50 minutes)


Field Sobriety Tests These videos explain how the tests should be administered, clues which may be observed, how the tests should be documented and other considerations.  The field sobriety tests covered include: Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus (HGN), Walk and Turn Test (WAT), One Leg Stand Test (OLS), Modified Romberg Balance Test (MRB), Finger to Nose Test (FTN) and Lack of Convergence Test (LOC).


These videos will be abvailable for viewing by each purchasing office . Once the training is purchased, email training@extract-ed.com for passwords.

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