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Bridge the Gap

Since the start of the marijuana tax stamp in the 1930's, to the controlled substance act of the 1970's, there has been an obvious disconnect between law enforcement and cannabis users. As cannabis becomes legal, there is a need to close this gap so both sides can work together to create a better community.


Extract-ED would like to help bridge the gap by providing much needed training to law enforcement, including training on Understanding Legal Marijuana.  Most agencies are unable to provide this training to their officers for several reasons including: lack of or a limited training budget and lack of manpower to cover shifts when officers are at training. We have helped with the manpower issue by putting together online courses for officers to take at their convenience.  These programs are costly to maintain, which is where the cannabis industry can help!


The cannabis industry can purchase online or in person trainings for officers in their area.  Individuals can also help sponsor training by purchasing, “Bridge the Gap” stickers or other Extract-ED memorabilia.  Purchases of our items help us continue to offer this much needed training to officers.

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